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At Highridge Costa we are steadfast on creating a blueprint for a better nation. Our goal is to create viable housing options for the future, by building living communities that change lives

Housing Isn’t Simply The Work We Do, It’s Our Mission

With a concentration in affordable workforce/senior, mixed income, mixed-use and market-rate development, we are building living communities that meet both individual and city growth planning needs.  Attractive, smart, high-density, multi-dwelling living communities are an affordable choice for working Americans, many of whom are priced out of the “for sale” market.

Multifamily housing also benefits communities; it is eco-friendly, utilizes shared resources, and allows people the freedom to live closer to their work.


Well-planned, attractive, affordable housing solutions can keep teachers, nurses, retail workers, firefighters and police officers living in the communities where they work… and close to the people who rely on them.

The low-income housing tax credit program has a lot to be proud of.

Creating communities we can all be proud of

Create A Catalyst

Build attractive, affordable housing in your community and then watch what happens.

Create Solutions

Streamlined construction, elegant design, creative financing options and community outreach will all work to solve your community’s housing issues.

Create A Legacy

With our award-winning architectural designs, we will build affordable housing communities that generate civic pride.

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Everyone in America deserves a safe, attractive place to call home.

At Highridge Costa, we are creating viable housing options for the future that meet both individual and community needs.