Influencers in Multi-Family

Michael Costa is a leader in creating affordable housing, living by the mantra that low-income housing should be well built, well designed and resident focused. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Highridge Costa, where he practices what he preaches, having developed and syndicated over $4.5 billion of affordable housing tax credits.

With a special expertise in tax credit financing, he uses both federal and state tax credits to fund affordable housing. Throughout his career, he has supervised the development and financing of nearly 40,000 units of multifamily affordable and market-rate housing, and with Highridge Costa, he has built 29,000 affordable units. Outside of developing affordable housing, he supports state and national legislation that benefits the affordable housing industry and meets often with government officials on improving housing issues.

In his spare time, he is chairman of RISE, a nonprofit community development financial institution that helps underserved residents to build wealth.